Toyota FT-86 to be Called Scion FT-S?

We all wish that Toyota would finally release the much talked about Toyota FT-86 and its Subaru brother. Until then the speculation about the two coupes continues…

The latest rumor is that the production version of the Toyota FT-86 will be officially dubbed the Scion FT-S. Yes that’s right, the Toyota FT-86 will officially carry a Scion badge. It’s official debut is slated for the New York Auto Show in April…finally! Although before that another concept version is confirmed for the Geneva show…hmmm.

Other reports are also suggesting that the rear-wheel-drive coupe will be powered by a 2.5L rather than the 2.0L that is under the hood of the concept version. The Subaru version will also be differentiated from the Scion version by being all-wheel-drive. The Subaru version is expected to debut in Geneva next month.

Toyota is said to be starting a major Scion marketing push with the FT-S being aimed at the drifting community.

Full Story: Toyobaru

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