Following the debut of the Concept-i earlier this year at CES, Toyota has now unveiled two more Concept-i models that now expand the concepts into a series. The Concept-i Series now includes the Concept-i Ride and the Concept-i Ride.

Toyota Concept-i Series

The Concept-i Ride is smaller than the original Concept-i with a footprint that is aimed more for an urban environment. It looks like its even smaller than the Smart Fortwo. The Concept-i Ride has gullwing doors and once inside there’s a center mounted seat for the driver. The concept’s gullwing doors also make it easier for wheelchair users and the elderly to get in and out of the Concept i-Ride.

Toyota Concept-i Series

The Concept-i Walk is Toyota’s take on a Segway, since it’s designed for use on sidewalks and can be safely used with pedestrians around.

The Toyota Concept-i series uses artificial intelligence to recognize human emotions and estimate what the driver’s preferences will be. The AI technology combines with automated driving systems to make getting from point a to b even easier and safer. It will also be possible to advance the technology to the point where a driver’s feelings can be anticipated.

Toyota Concept-i Series

Further more, the concepts can gauge the driver’s alertness and emotional state by reading and interpreting their expressions, actions and tone of voice. It also compares general information, such as news bulletins on the internet, with information on individuals, such as their social media activity.

The Toyota Concept-i Series will debut later this month at the Tokyo Motor Show. Toyota plans start road-testing some of the concept car’s functions by around 2020.

Source: Toyota