Tokyo 09' Preview: Honda Skydeck Concept Hybrid Minivan Unveiled

The 2009 Tokyo Motor Show is right around the corner and even though a number of automakers have already pulled out of the show, we can expect to see a number of reveals. Honda is set to unveil a near production ready Honda CR-Z in addition to the Skydeck concept shown here.

The Honda Skydeck Concept is a six seater minivan hybrid. Honda is most likely looking for other areas to apply its hybrid technology and this minivan concept could be a possibility. Of course those scissor doors wouldn’t make it to production. Honda hasn’t released any technical specs, but we do know that the hybrid system has been moved to the center console.

Stay tuned for more info from the show.

Honda_Skydeck_concept_side.jpg Honda_Skydeck_concept_interior.jpg

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