The US Isn't Getting the VW Scirocco Because of the Declining Dollar

Volkswagen officially unveiled the all-new 2009 Scirocco this week in Geneva, but currently there are no plans to bring it to the US.

In a recent interview that Bloomberg had with Detlef Wittig, Volkswagen’s sales and marketing chief, he stated:

“The exchange rate is the only reason for not selling it in the U.S. This car would fit the U.S. market but at the current exchange rate we wouldn’t make any money.”

If this is the only reason, VW could maybe figure out a way to bring it here, but dont count on seeing the new coupe on these shores any time soon.

2009_vw_scirocco_int.jpg 2009_vw_scirocco_int2.jpg 2009_vw_scirocco_rear.jpg 2009_vw_scirocco_rear_2.jpg vw_scirocco_back.jpg vw_scirocco_front_sm.jpg

Full Story: Bloomberg

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