The Next Generation 2009 Toyota Prius is Going to Come in Three Versions

Toyota recently unveiled the Hybrid X Concept at the Geneva Auto Show. The familiar shape of the concept car lead many people to believe that it was a preview of the next generation Prius. According to Automobile Magazine and Toyota insiders Toyota is going to offer three versions of the next generation Prius.

Toyota is going to release three hybrids named the Prius A, B, and C. Reportedly the three versions will replace the current Camry hybrid and today’s Prius. Each of the models will have individual styling and not look like anything else in the Toyota lineup.

Toyota designers have stated that they don’t want to create another “van shaped” Prius, like the current one. Instead the Prius A will be a vehicle close in size to the current Yaris. The Prius B would be a slightly larger hybrid similar to the current Prius and the Prius C would effectively replace the Camry hybrid, although it will be a little smaller. The Prius C would be the closest vehicle to the Hybrid X Concept.

The models are due in 2009, 2010, and 2011.

This seems to contradict previous statements from insiders that stated that Toyota planned on making a hybrid version of every vehicle in their lineup.

Full Story: Motor Authority

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