The Honda CRX is Finally Going to Return by 2011 as a Hybrid

The return of the much loved Honda CRX has been rumored for years. Earlier this year rumors circulated that Honda is working on a new CRX that will be based on the Fit platform. Now according to Winding Road, the next CRX is going to be a hybrid.

Thanks to the success of small cars like the MINI, Honda has rethought their ideas on a revival of the iconic CRX. For years the automaker refused to talk about a new CRX, but things have finally changed for the better.

When Honda released the Honda Insight Hybrid, it was very obvious that it looked like a modern day CRX. Well now product planners have decided that the next CRX will have a hybrid drivetrain, like the old Insight, although it will be called a CRX.

It was originally rumored that the CRX was going to return for 2009, but now it has been pushed back to 2011.

Is a hybrid, two-seater coupe really an adequate model to carry the CRX nameplate?

Full Story: Winding Road

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