The Electric-Powered MINI Cooper Has Started Production and It Has Lithium-Ion Batteries

Hybrid Technologies has started production on the all-lithium electric MINI Cooper. The electric version of the popular MINI has been in development for the past two years. This version of the MINI uses Hybrid Tech’s own proprietary advanced lithium management and battery-balancing system to propel the car.

The system uses a brushless AC motor that puts out 105 hp and is capable of moving the electric MINI (1,315kg) from 0-60 mph in six seconds. The top speed of the car is 80mph and with more passive driving the vehicle is capable of going 120 miles on a single charge.

In addition the system is capable being recharged over 1,500 times and it will take between 8-10 hours to fully recharge the MINI Cooper using an ordinary household power supply.

The electric MINI is first manufactured in MINI’s plant in the UK and then the rolling chassis is sent to North Carolina, US where it is fully converted into an electric vehicle.

There is no word on how much the vehicle costs and how many they are going to produce.

What is interesting is that this vehicle uses lithium-ion batteries. Are they the same type that Toyota is scared to use in the next Prius?

Full Story: Motor Authority

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