The AFA Takes Credit for Ford's Declining Sales!! Are they Joking?!

Ok as ridiculous as this story sounds it is true. Ford’s sales last month dipped over 20 percent compared to September 2006. The American Family Association is now taking some of the credit for the disappointing sales.

In March 2006 the AFA announced a nation wide boycott of all Ford vehicles due to the automaker’s unwillingness to pull ads from networks that were geared more towards the gay population. In addition the AFA also demanded that Ford end its domestic partner benefits for same-sex couples. Since the boycott started Ford has not complied with the demands and 19 months later the boycott is still in effect.

it is true that Ford’s sales have been down during most of the “boycott”, but for the AFA to claim that they have caused the decline is ludicrous! The AFA has failed to recognize that there are many other factors that have contributed to the decline, such as the credit crunch caused by the housing crisis, high fuel prices, a decline in fleet sales, etc. Most of the automakers are having a hard time this year, not just Ford.

Also why only boycott Ford, what about the other “gay friendly” automakers?

Nice try AFA and props to Ford for ignoring them!

To read more about why they are boycotting Ford:

Full Story: Autoblog

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