When Tesla unveiled the Model Y crossover earlier this year, CEO Elon Musk stated that production would start by the end of 2020. Now there are reports that Tesla may start production of the Model Y much earlier than expected.

In its third quarter earnings call this year, Elon Musk told investors that “We’re also ahead of schedule on Model Y preparations in Fremont, and we’ve moved the launch timeline from full 2020 to summer 2020. There may be some room for improvement there, but we’re confident about summer 2020.” But it looks like Tesla may now beat its most recent schedule update for the Model Y.

New research from Deutsche Bank reports that production of the Tesla Model Y could start in early 2020, which means that the first deliveries could happen in the first quarter of 2020. According to the latest reports, Tesla suppliers in Taiwan have revealed that they have experienced “accelerating orders” for parts that would be used for the Model Y.

Deutsche Bank’s Senior Autos & Auto Technology Analyst, Emmanuel Rosner told CNBC, “Reports from suppliers of Model Y parts in Taiwan are claiming that Tesla is requesting that their orders be delivered much earlier than expected… The Taiwanese suppliers are now indicating that the Tesla is accelerating orders to enter mass production a full six months ahead of the original schedule. This would mean that the Model Y could be available to the public in the first quarter of next year.”

If Tesla does manage to start production of the Model Y earlier than expected, it would be a win for the automaker, which in the past has struggled to meet its delivery deadlines.