Tesla has yet to release the dual motor Tesla Model 3, but according to its boss, Elon Musk, the dual motor version will “probably” arrive in July. When asked on Twitter about the arrival of the all-wheel drive Model 3, Musk stated that production of the standard Model 3 has to reach 5,000 units a week before the dual motor version can be produced.

Tesla Model 3

“We need to achieve 5k/week with Model 3 before adding complexity that would inhibit production ramp.”

The dual motor Model 3 will not only have a longer range and faster acceleration times than the rear-wheel drive version, but it will also be a better option for buyers in parts of the country that need all-wheel drive. Tesla hasn’t revealed how much the dual motor Model 3 will cost.

Tesla also hasn’t fully announced when the cheaper entry-level Model 3 will arrive. Tesla won over buyers with the cheaper $35,000 Model 3, but it’s now not expected to arrive until later this year.

Source: Twitter