Tesla needs a bit of positive news now with the all the negative news about the Model 3. Hopefully Tesla can bring some positive news to the table with the debut of the electric Tesla truck on November 16. Tesla just sent out invitations to the debut, which include a new teaser of the truck.

tesla truck teased

The other big update is that Tesla’s electric truck is now being simply called the Tesla Truck, instead of the Tesla Semi. Elon Musk also recently hinted that the Tesla Truck will have better specs than it originally released. It’s expected that the Tesla Truck that we’ll see later this month will simply be a prototype, but Tesla does hope to have a production version ready within the next two years.

When the Tesla Truck does arrive it will face some stiff competition from several other companies that are also working on fully electric heavy duty trucks, like Cummins and Daimler.

Source: Tesla