The Tesla Model 3 has yet to be delivered, but Tesla is already starting the buzz about its next model, the Model Y. In case you don’t know what the Model Y is, it’s Tesla’s new smaller crossover.

When the Model Y was originally announced, it was expected that it would share its platform with the Model 3, but Elon Musk, Tesla CEO’s has revealed that the Model Y will use a completely different platform. Even better the Tesla Model Y could arrive as early as 2019. Musk also revealed to simply production, the Model Y will ditch the 12-volt battery architecture used on previous Tesla models.

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So what will the Model Y look like? Two years ago Elon Musk hinted that the Model Y will get the same Falcon Wing doors as the larger Model X, but we haven’t heard any updates since his original tweet. Either way the Model Y’s arrival will help Tesla reach its goal of selling 1 million vehicles by 2020.

Before we even see the Model Y, Tesla is going to reveal its new electric semi truck later this year. Tesla is also working on a pickup truck and a new roadster.

Source: Tesla