The Tesla Model S 100D recently set a driving range record a few days ago. Tesla Owners Italia completed a 27 hour drive in a Tesla Model S 100D where it was able to drive 669.83 miles on a single charge. Of course the caveat here is that the Model S averaged only 25 mph.

Tesla Model S EV Record

The Model S 100D has a driving range of 335 miles, but Elon Musk recently said that being able to travel up to 621 miles in the Model S 100D would be possible with the right tires. Upon receiving the news that a group managed to exceed his claim, Elon Musk celebrated the news on Twitter:

To reach their goal, Tesla Owners Italia drove across southern Italy with the air conditioning turned off and the group used the Autopilot to “keep a constant speed in the middle of the lane.”

Source: Tesla Owners Italia