Last month Tesla only produced around 100 Model 3 sedans, which isn’t too impressive considering the long list of reservations for the “attainable” electric car. While many predicted that Tesla would have a hard time meeting its delivery goals for the Model 3, Tesla might be ahead of its projections. At least one Model 3 buyer recently received an update from Tesla that their Model 3 is going to be delivered sooner than expected.

Tesla Model 3 Deliveries

Model 3 Owners Club forum member ‘Rocketman’ says that his estimated delivery window moved up from the “Oct-Dec timeframe” to this month. If that’s true, that would mean that Tesla is could be a 1-3 months ahead of schedule. Tesla originally hoped to produce at least 1,000 Model 3 sedans this month. By December, Tesla hopes to have at least 20,000 Model 3 sedans rolling off the production line a month.

What could have helped Tesla get ahead of schedule? No one knows, but Tesla has been trying to get Model 3 reservation holders to decide on a Model S or Model X instead. Also Tesla could have padded its original production plans to ward off critics that didn’t think that Tesla could deliver the Model 3 in time. Either way, this is good news for the 400k+ Model 3 reservation holders.

Source: Clean Technica