Tesla is reportedly about to discontinue the cheapest version of the Model S, the rear-wheel drive Model S 75. The move is an effort to make more space in the lineup for the Model 3.

Tesla hasn’t made the official announcement yet, but Tesla’s salespeople are reportedly already contacting potential buyers to inform them about the change. The rear-wheel drive Model S 75 is currently the cheapest Model S with a starting price at $69,500. Once the Model S 75 with rear-wheel drive is done, that means that every version of the Model S sold will be sold with all-wheel drive.

This also means that the cheapest Model S will now be the dual motor Model S 75D, which starts at $74,500.

The Model 3 is expected to be offered with a dual motor version, but that won’t happen until sometime in 2018. Production of the Model 3, which kicked off earlier this month, is currently restricted to the rear-wheel drive version.

Source: Electrek