Subaru Releases More Photos of its Hybrid Tourer Concept

Subaru has released more photos of the Hybrid Tourer Concept that is set to debut in Tokyo.

The gullwing Hybrid Tourer Concept is a four-passenger concept that is Subaru’s first attempt at a hybrid vehicle. The concept is powered by two electric motors that get their juice from a lithium-ion battery pack and a 2.0L boxer engine with direct-injection.

subaru_hybrid_tourer_concept_new.jpg subaru_hybrid_tourer_concept_new_2.jpg subaru_hybrid_tourer_concept_new_4.jpg subaru_hybrid_tourer_concept_new_5.jpg subaru_hybrid_tourer_concept_new_6.jpg subaru_hybrid_tourer_concept_new_7.jpg subaru_hybrid_tourer_concept_new_8.jpg subaru_hybrid_tourer_concept_new_9.jpg

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