Spy Shots: Acura's Answer to the BMW X6 Spotted in Germany

Many of asked “why?” when BMW unveiled the X6, which is basically an X5 with more coupe like styling and one less seat, but now Acura seems to think there is a market for another “coupe” crossover.

Sales of the BMW X6 haven’t really taken off, which is probably partly due to the economy and high gas prices, but judging by these spy photos it looks like Acura is planning a similar vehicle. This is the second time that we’ve seen spy photos of Acura’s upcoming crossover, but this is the first time we’re seeing it in the light. Acura has tried hard to hide the shape of the rear half of the un-named crossover, but its obvious that it as the same similar shape as the X6.

It is expected that the new crossover will hit the market by 2011 or maybe even sooner, judging by the prototype shown here. It’s being rumored that the crossover could be dubbed the”MSX” and that it will offer Acura’s new V8 that will first be offered in the next RL.

Head over to GlobalMotors.net for all the photos.

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