Spy Photos of the Upcoming Kia Mesa SUV…Want a Bland SUV with Bad MPG?

Spy photographers have caught the upcoming Kia Mesa SUV testing with the front-end exposed. What has been revealed is a very bland SUV that looks no better than any of the other body-on-frame SUVs in its class.

Unfortunately the production version of the Mesa SUV is a lot more conservative than the concept version. The Kia Mesa, which is about the same size as a Ford Explorer is reportedly going to be a traditional SUV, unlike the car based SUVs that have become so popular.

The Mesa is expected to use Hyundai’s new 3.8L V6 that will put out over 260hp. A V8 model is also rumored.

It is interesting that Kia is releasing a “traditional” SUV, since that segment seems to be shrinking. The extra weight of this body-on-frame SUV is going to kill the gas mileage. If only it the styling was better then maybe I could see someone wanting it.

Concept Version:

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