Spy Photos: 2010 BMW Z4 Caught Driving Around in LA

Today on my way into my day job, I happened to come across a 2010 BMW Z4 being driven around Santa Monica.

Unfortunately as many of you know, LA traffic is horrible so these are the best shots I could get before I slammed into the other cars in front of me. They were also taken with my iPhone..so of course they aren’t the best quality.

The next-gen Z4 is definitely bigger than the current generation, most likely to make room for an even smaller BMW roadster built off the 1 Series platform. Other than the bigger exterior and possible retractable hardtop, the car sounded great.

Stay tuned for the official unveiling of the 2010 BMW Z4..whenever that is. 🙂

img_0051.jpg img_0055.jpg img_0057.jpg

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