Should GM Discontinue Their Mid-Size SUVs?

According to The Car Connection, GM is rethinking the future of their mid-size SUVs. The site has received insider reports that it is very possible that the automaker may decide to discontinue future development on their GMT-360 SUVs such as the Chevrolet Trailblazer.

It seems like a logical decision. The automaker has since released their new Lambda SUVs, such as the GMC Acadia that offer more passenger room than the smaller Trailblazer, Saab 9-7x and Isuzu Ascender. With the growing dissatisfaction of truck based SUVs, it would seem like a waste to continue to throw money at the line. Instead of wasting money on these SUVs the automaker needs to focus on more fuel-efficient offerings to make them more competitive with Toyota and other competitors.

Full Story: The Car Connection

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