Saturn Dealers Are Going to Buy Accords and Camrys to Place on Their Showroom Floors

It seems like GM is becoming very confident in their new models. First the automaker announced that they are going to have Toyota Camrys and Honda Accords in their Chevrolet showrooms, so that buyers can compare them against the new 2008 Chevy Malibu. Well now Saturn is going to try the same idea with its Aura sedan.

Starting tomorrow June 11th, all but 5 of the 430 Saturn dealerships in the US will offer prospective Saturn Aura buyers the opportunity to test drive the Camry and Accord in hopes that they will see that the Aura is the better product.

Saturn dealers will be buying the Accords and Camrys for the promotion that will run through July 31st.

It seems that GM has finally turned Saturn around, since sales are up 30% this year and in May sales were up a whopping 68% over last year.

Let’s just hope this idea and the one that Chevy is doing doesn’t backfire. GM is already going to be contributing to Accord and Camry sales, lets hope that they don’t give Honda and Toyota even more.

See the first commercial for the campaign:

Saturn’s Aura vs. Accord and Camry Comparison Campaign Launches and Here is One of the First Commercials For It!

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