Saab Cancels Warranties, New Saabs to be Sold "As-Is"

Yesterday Saab officially filed for bankruptcy, officially ending a two year struggle for the brand to stay alive after GM announced it was killing the brand. Now that Saab is officially being liquidated more details are coming out about what current Saab owners can expect for the future of their beloved Saabs.

According to Saab North America spokeswoman Michele Tinson, warranties have “been indefinitely suspended for new sales and claims stopped for current” warranties. This means that any Saabs still on dealer lots will be sold as-is and current owners will see their warranties voided.

Although Saab officially filed for bankruptcy yesterday, Saab CEO Victor Muller hasn’t given up hope that a new buyer will be found. “Even if this may look like the end, it doesn’t necessarily have to be. It could be a new beginning and Saab could rise from the ashes like a phoenix,” he said.

The Detroit News