Saab Aero X Could be Produced if Spyker Buys Saab

As we all wait for GM to finally decide if there is going to be a deal with Spyker concerning the fate of Saab, Spyker has revealed some of its plans for the brand if it does indeed acquire it.

Spyker’s boss, Victor Muller recently revealed to AOL that if Spyker does acquire Saab it plans to rebuild the brand around the new 9-5, the 9-4X crossover and the 9-3. The new 9-5 would be released first, in the next few months followed by the introduction of the 9-4X crossover later this year or in 2011.

Regarding the Aero X concept car, Muller stated, “I love that car, and it deserves to be built. It’s got true ‘Saabishness’ in it. It’s one of the best designs of the past five years.”

We’ll have to wait and see what happens. GM has officially extended the deadline for a deal for Saab to January 7th.

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