The next-generation Rolls-Royce Ghost is expected to debut later this year with a more minimalistic design, which was previewed last month. Now Rolls-Royce has released a few more details about the new Ghost.

Rolls-Royce has released a teaser video fo the new Ghost’s powertrain and suspension tech. The new Ghost will be based on the same Architecture of Luxury platform as the Cullinan and Phantom. It will also get all-wheel drive and it will also get all-wheel steering.

The Ghost will also get a Planar system that enables the Ghost to anticipate and react better to the changing road surfaces. It’s comprised of three elements. The first is an Upper Wishbone Damper unit, which is mounted above the front suspension assembly for more stability.  The second is the Flagbearer system, which uses cameras to read the road ahead and automatically adjusts the dampers. The third is Satellite Aided Transmission, which draws GPS data to automatically downshift or upshift based on the road changes ahead.

“Ghost clients told us that it’s the car in their collection that they’re drawn to the most. They love its uncomplicated versatility. It’s not trying to be a sports car, it’s not trying to be a grand statement – it’s simply exceptional and exceptionally simple,” stated the Ghost’s Engineering Lead, Jonathan Simms.