Self-driving cars will soon forever change the automotive landscape, including not only the way cars look, but also how we use them. Rinspeed is giving the world a preview of how it views the future of transportation with its Snap concept that debuted at CES.

Rinspeed Snap Concept

The Rinspeed Snap concept is a two piece vehicle that features a skateboard-like powertrain as its base with a separate passenger cell that literally “snap” together. According to Rinspeed, the skateboard carries the mechanical and fast aging technical components. Once the technology becomes obsolete, usually within a few years, the skateboard is easily recycled, while the passenger safety cell pod can be used for much longer periods. This benefits the environment, since the entire vehicle doesn’t become obsolete as fast.

Rinspeed Snap Concept

The Rinspeed Snap concept features an electric powertrain with two steering axles. Designed for use in an urban environment, the Snap can travel up to 62 miles on a single charge with a top speed around 50 mph.

Thanks to its separate passenger cell, Rinspeed sees a future where a range of service providers could the use a variety of pods and skateboards. Once inside the Snap concept’s interior feels more like a living room with space for four passengers and plenty of display screens. The interior is also fully customized based on each passenger.

Rinspeed Snap Concept

Personal cloud content is available after the system uses face recognition tech to identify the passenger. As a result, the voice-controlled intelligent personal assistant knows the preferences and habits of each passenger and suggests, for example, a suitable restaurant for every passenger, depending on personal preferences. In addition, a third level of biometric identification is required if health data of the passenger are to be recorded and analyzed.

Following its debut at the Consumer Electronics Show, the Snap concept will be shown off at the Geneva Motor Show in March.

Source: Rinspeed