Production Version of the Honda FCX Fuel-Cell Vehicle Debuts Next Month

Honda is going to be one of the first automakers to bring a hydrogen fuel-cell vehicle to market. Next month the automaker plans on unveiling a production version of the FCX concept car.

Honda’s President and CEO Takeo Fukui made the announcement and the car is expected to go on sale in the US and Japan sometime next year.

The Honda FCX Concept produces 129 horsepower with a top speed of 100 mph. The car has a range of 354 miles and omits zero emissions.

Honda is placing their emphasis on fuel-cells, clean diesels and hybrids instead of plug-in hybrids like the upcoming Chevy Volt. Honda’s CEO does not see the advantages of plug-in hybrids.

honda_fcx_concept_fuel_cell_sedan_official_1.jpg honda_fcx_concept_fuel_cell_sedan_official_3.jpg honda_fcx_concept_fuel_cell_sedan_official_4.jpg honda_fcx_concept_fuel_cell_sedan_official_5.jpg honda_fcx_concept_fuel_cell_sedan_official_6.jpg

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Honda’s next generation hydrogen-powered fuel cell vehicle will make its world debut at the Los Angeles Auto Show, November 14, American Honda Motor Co., Inc., announced today.

Based on the FCX Concept that has impressed journalists at multiple test drive events over the past year, this all-new fuel cell vehicle will be marketed to fleet and retail customers in the U.S. and Japan beginning in 2008. The Los Angeles Auto Show represents the first opportunity for potential U.S. customers to preview the new car.

In an effort to appeal to real world consumers, Honda’s recent breakthroughs in fuel cell technology will enable levels of performance, room, comfort, and dynamic styling previously unattainable in a fuel cell car.

As the most advanced expression of the electric vehicle concept, Honda’s hydrogen fuel cell vehicle utilizes electricity generated by combining hydrogen and oxygen in a fuel cell stack, and electricity stored in its lithium-ion battery pack to power the vehicle’s electric motor. Honda is the first and only automaker with a fuel cell vehicle fully certified to meet all applicable federal government emissions and crash-safety standards. Additionally, Honda is the first and only automaker to lease a fuel cell vehicle to an individual customer with a second customer added in 2007.