If you live in Atlanta, Los Angeles, Phoenix or San Diego, Porsche offers an easier way to get the keys to a Porsche, via its Porsche Drive subscription service. It was originally called the Porsche Passport. Now Porsche has announced that a new entry level subscription tier that makes it easier to get a Porsche.

The new Single-Vehicle Subscription gives users access to a single Porsche model for one or three months. The pricing starts at $1,500 a month, plus tax for a Macan. If you want a 718 Cayman it starts at $1,800 a month and the 718 Boxster can be accessed for $1,950 a month. The 911 is also available for $2,600 a month. The Porsche Drive Single-Vehicle Subscription also requires a $595 activation fee, but it’s waived if you opt for the three month tier. You’re also limited to 1,500 miles a month.

That’s a significant decrease from the $2,100 starting price for the all-access tier.

Porsche decided to introduce the entry-level tier, since the subscription program is succeeding in bringing in younger customers to the brand. 80 percent of users are also new to Porsche.