Porsche Will Release Their First Hybrids in 2009

Porsche has announced that they are going to release their first hybrids in 2009. The Cayenne and the upcoming Panamera will both be offered with a hybrid powertrain.

Porsche, which owns a controlling stake in VW is going to use their relationship with VW to build the new vehicles.

“Going forward, Volkswagen is the key,” Porsche executive Bernd Harling said. “Porsche’s low volume means we’re limited in our research and development. We must focus on what we can do best.”

Porsche did most of the work for the upcoming Audi Q7 Hybrid SUV and the actual vehicle when they engineered the Cayenne.

The upcoming hybrids will be used to increase performance as well as fuel economy. Porsche will use a full hybrid system which will allow the vehicle to move up to 20 mph solely on the electric motor.

The relationship with VW may also pave the way for a diesel Porsche in the future.

Porsche doesn’t expect their hybrids to be huge sellers, but they will do their part to prevent environmental criticism.

“Regardless of whether we use a diesel or a hybrid or hydrogen for power … the heart of Porsche is to shoot for a limited volume of people who want the handling of a great sports car,” Harling said.

Full Story: Detroit Free Press

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