Porsche and the rest of the VW Group have basically given up on selling diesel-powered vehicles in the United States, but the news may soon get worse for diesel fans. Porsche may soon give up on the diesel engine altogether.

The VW Group has already stopped selling diesels in the U.S.

Speaking to Reuters, Porsche CEO Oliver Blume stated, “of course we are looking into the issue” and that Porsche would have a final decision about diesel engines by the end of the decade. Instead of focusing on diesel-powered vehicles, Porsche is now shifting its focus to electrified models, like the production version of the upcoming Mission E electric car.

Even though it looks like the diesel engine could soon disappear from the Porsche lineup, the reality is that diesel-powered models account for 15 percent of Porsche’s global sales. For now Porsche is going to continue to offer diesel versions of the Panamera and the next-generation Cayenne, which will launch in September.

Source: Reuters