Porsche will introduce the Mission E electric car in late 2019, but Porsche is already thinking about a second electric car. Porsche expects half of its sales to come from electrified models by 2025, which will see the automaker not only introduce the Mission E, but a second electric model, which will likely be based on the Macan.

Porsche development chief Michael Steiner recently told Automotive News that Porsche wants a lineup of electric cars that will be sold alongside its conventionally powered Porsche models – an obvious jab at lawmakers that want to remove combustion powered cars altogether.

“Customers should be the ones to decide,” Steiner stated, adding the result of the emissions targets should not be to favor one technology over another. “The attractiveness [of Porsche’s electrified lineup] should lead to a powertrain mix that ensures we are compliant.”

To reach its goals, Porsche will likely introduce an electrified Macan by 2025. “We’re starting with a sporty four-door concept in the Mission E positioned between the 911 and the Panamera, so it’s logical that we will look to balance our lineup with a product in a different segment such as an SUV,” Steiner revealed.

The electric Macan will also likely have a longer driving range than the Mission E, while buyers will be able to choose between different sized battery packs.

Source: Automotive News