This year marks the 40th anniversary of the Porsche 928, which was unveiled in the spring of 1977. To celebrate the 928’s 40th birthday, Porsche is going to present its first Gran Turismo at the famed Nurburgring from August 11-13.

Porsche 928

The four-door 928 and the cabriolet study remained individual pieces, so the focus will be on the 928 Coupe. The 928 which became the first sports car to be distinguished with the title of “Car of the Year” one year after it was introduced. The 928 was significant in 1977, since it featured a 2+2 coupe layout with a body that was partially made of aluminum.

“Interest in the 928 is growing rapidly among our customers”, says Alexander Fabig, Director of Porsche Classic. “At the Nürburgring, we will revive it in all its diversity and give a few tasters of the expertise we offer.”

Porsche 928

In addition to the restored 928, Porsche Classic will present the bodyshell of a very early Porsche 911 Turbo from 1975 that has been restored according to the original specifications.

Source: Porsche