Porsche has unveiled the Porsche Cayman e-volution electric concept at the Electric Vehicle Symposium. The electric Cayman has a charging voltage of 800 volts and can reach 62 mph in only 3.3 seconds. The best part is that it looks pretty much identical to the production Cayman and can drive up to 124 miles on a single charge.

Sadly Porsche has no plans to build the Cayman e-volution, but instead Porsche is using the concept to preview what its future electric cars will be like, especially the Mission E. When the Mission E arrives in 2019 it will have a driving range over 310 miles and its batteries will be able to be charged up to 80 percent in only 15 minutes.

Speaking of fast charging capability. Porsche is also debuting its new Porsche Turbo Charging accumulator-based charging system. It’s capable of achieving a charging capacity of up to 320 kW per vehicle or twice 160 kW. Porsche says that the system is suitable for use in areas where the distribution system is subject to power limitations. The system is to be used as a supplement to high-power fast charging network with medium voltage connection. One of these networks will be built on major European traffic routes by 2020 in a joint venture between Porsche, Audi, BMW, Daimler and Ford.

Source: Porsche