Official BMW M3 Sedan Photos Leaked?

This is what looks like one of the first official photos of the upcoming BMW M3 sedan that was scanned from a brochure.

The sedan version of the M3 is powered by the same 420 horsepower V8 as the coupe.

Expect to see the official car unveiled soon maybe at the L.A. Auto Show next month. Let’s hope.

BMW M3 Coupe (UK):

08bmwm3uk_001.jpg 08bmwm3uk_002.jpg 08bmwm3uk_003.jpg 08bmwm3uk_004.jpg 08bmwm3uk_005.jpg 08bmwm3uk_006.jpg 08bmwm3uk_007.jpg 08bmwm3uk_017.jpg 08bmwm3uk_011.jpg 08bmwm3uk_013.jpg 08bmwm3uk_014.jpg 08bmwm3uk_015.jpg 08bmwm3uk_018.jpg 08bmwm3uk_019.jpg 08bmwm3uk_020.jpg

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