Ever wished that Nissan would release a convertible version of the Nissan Leaf electric car? Probably not. But Nissan has created one anyways with the Nissan Leaf Open Car. Fortunately the open-air version Nissan Leaf is a one-off version that was created to celebrate Nissan selling over 1,000 Leaf EVs in Japan.

Nissan Leaf Open Car

The Nissan Leaf Open Car was revealed at a forum in Japan to celebrate the important milestone. Nissan invited 100 people to the forum, including local and prefectural government officials and company executives to discuss the creation of a “zero-emission society.”

Nissan Leaf Open Car

The one-off Leaf Open Car is based on the second generation Nissan Leaf, but in addition to its roof being chopped off, the two rear doors have also been deleted. It also looks like there isn’t a top either, so good luck driving it anything but perfect weather.

Don’t worry Nissan has no plans to put the Leaf Open Car into production. Hopefully its learned its lesson with the awkward Murano CrossCabriolet that no one wanted.

Source: Nissan