Nissan Cancels Plans for a 240SX Revival, but Sentra Coupe is Possible

Before the economic collapse in 2008, Nissan had been pondering the idea of a 240SX successor, but now it appears that Nissan has canceled those plans and is instead pondering the idea of a Sentra coupe.

Larry Dominique, chief product planner told Ward’s that the 240SX model would have been a front-wheel-drive, low-cost coupe, but estimated annual volume of only 30,000 units wasn’t enough. Rather than introduce an entirely new nameplate, Dominique would rather create something like a Sentra coupe. Let’s hope the next Sentra becomes more exciting. Nissan does have the 200-hp Sentra SE-R that could be turned into a fun, hopefully small and light coupe.

Full Story: Ward’s

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