VW Golf fans won’t like this little bit of news. It’s being reported that the next-generation Golf is not coming to the US. Before you freak out, the GTI and Golf R are still coming here, since we’re talking about the base Golf.

2018 VW Golf

According to Motor1, the Golf hatchback is done in the US after the current generation. The all-new eighth-generation Golf is expected to debut by the end of the year. Motor Authority reached out to Volkswagen as well and spokesman Mark Gillies stated, “The Golf R and GTI are confirmed, but other Golf models are under consideration for the North American Region, however.”

The Golf Sportwagen is also reportedly dead, but we still don’t know the fate of the electric e-Golf or the off-road ready Golf Alltrack. The e-Golf will liely be phased out when the electric ID hatchback arrives.