Next-Gen Mitsubishi Lancer Evo Ditches the Turbo For a Plug-In Hybrid System

According to Autocar the next-generation Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution is set to gain a plug-in hybrid system in place of the turbocharged setup it currently uses. The Evo XI will use the same platform as the PX-MiEV plug-in hybrid concept.

A plug-in hybrid Evo means that the car will be powered by a 2.0L naturally-aspirated engine mated to an electric motor with lithium-ion batteries. The electric motor will power the front wheels, while the gas engine will send its power to the rear. The car will give drivers the option of driving in electric only mode for short distances.

A Mitsubishi insider told Autocar, “The new electric motor will in effect work like a turbo, only smoother, so there’s no need to worry about power delivery.”

Full Story: Autocar

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