Mazda recently introduced the refreshed 2019 CX-3 crossover, which got several enhancements to make it more comfortable and fun to drive. Now we’re hearing some new details about what we can expect from the second-generation Mazda CX-3, which might arrive by 2020.

2019 Mazda CX-3

According to a new report from GoAuto, the big news is that the next Mazda CX-3 will be bigger than the current model, since it’s switching from the current Mazda2 platform to the same SkyActiv II platform as the next-generation Mazda3. This will make the CX-3 about the same size as the Toyota C-HR and Hyundai Kona.

The new platform will also see the next CX-3 get a torsion beam rear suspension, instead of the current multi-link setup. Mazda says that the change will make the CX-3’s interior quieter. “The (new) torsion beam axle is much better than multi-link suspension in terms of road noise, so we selected that in reducing road noise for customers,” stated Kiyoshi Fujiwara, Mazda Motor Company director of research and development. “Because we got a lot of complaints from the media.”

The next-generation CX-3 will also get the same SkyActiv-X engines as the new Mazda3.

Inside we can expect improvements to the CX-3’s seating design, the dashboard ergonomics and interior acoustics.

Source: GoAuto