Next-Gen BMW 1 and 3 Series Coupes to be Renamed 2 and 4 Series

A decade ago it was rumored that BMW would rename the 3 Series coupe the 4 Series, but since there isn’t currently a 4 Series in the BMW lineup, it obviously didn’t happen.

Now it’s being reported again that BMW is going to stick a 4 Series badge on the 3 Series coupe. The move would make sense, sense BMW’s larger coupe, the 6 Series sits between the 5 Series and 7 Series sedans. It’s also being reported that BMW’s smallest coupe, the 1 Series, is going to get a 2 Series badge on the trunk. BMW recently trademarked the name M2, which also provides more proof that the next 1 Series coupe will indeed be renamed 2 Series.

The move would be similar to what Audi did with the A5 coupe and convertible and A4 models.

Full Story: CAR Magazine