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Saab is Going to Unveil the Saab High-Performance Turbo X in Frankfurt

Saab is going to unveil a new “Turbo X” model of the new 9-3 at the Frankfurt Motor Show that will draw inspiration from Saab’s 99 and 900 “Black Turbo” models.

The release of the “Turbo X” marks the anniversary of the 30th anniversary of Saab’s first turbo model that was unveiled at Frankfurt Show in 1977.

Details about the limited edition car will be revealed at the Frankfurt Motor Show, although it is rumored that the new model could put out over 300hp.

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Press Release:

* Saab unveils the Turbo X
* Celebration of 30 years at the forefront of turbocharging technology
* Saab to replicate classic ‘Black Turbo’ models, available as a limited edition

Saab will go ‘back to the future’ at next month’s Frankfurt International Motor Show by evoking the iconic appeal of its classic ‘Black Turbo’ models.

The Swedish premium car maker will celebrate 30 years of leadership in turbocharging by unveiling the Saab Turbo X, a limited edition performance car that inherits the visual appeal of the Saab 99 and 900 ‘Black Turbos’ – while also introducing cutting-edge technology. This ultimate expression of the new 9-3 range will deliver standard-setting levels of performance for the brand.

It was at Frankfurt in 1977 that Saab surprised the automotive world when it revealed its first turbocharged model. It set a performance trend that others were to follow. Now the innovative features of the new Saab ‘Black Turbo’ are also expected to attract widespread imitation.

Further details of the Saab Turbo X will be revealed at the Frankfurt Motor Show.