We’ve heard several rumors about what we can expect for the next-generation Subaru BRZ and Toyota 86 coupes, but now we have some official info. Subaru and Toyota have announced that they are deepening their partnership, which includes working together on the next-generation BRZ and 86.

2019 Toyota 86 Review

“To deepen their relationship and to strengthen their ties toward advancing to the next stage while respecting the identity of each other’s brand, the two companies have agreed that Toyota will increase its equity stake in Subaru and that Subaru will acquire shares in Toyota.”

The partnership will now see Toyota owing a 20 percent stake in Subaru, while Subaru will retain a 3 percent stake in Toyota.

In addition to the next-generation Subaru BRZ and Toyota 86, the partnership will also see the two companies team up on all-wheel drive vehicles and more Subaru hybrid vehicles.

While the latest press release doesn’t provide too many details about the next BRZ and 86, Toyota chief engineer Tetsuya Tada recently hinted that the next-generation 86 will drive even better than the new Supra.