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2008 Honda S2000 Type S Unveiled

It’s still up in the air if Honda is ever going to release an all-new S2000, but that isn’t stopping the automaker from releasing special versions of the current car.

Honda has just released the S2000 Type S for the Japanese market which is very close to the S2000 CR that we are getting on these shores.

Both the S2000 Type S and S2000 CR come with stiffer suspensions, a new aerodynamic body kit, a massive rear wing and unique 17″ inch wheels. There are only two differences between the cars. First the S2000 CR’s suspension is calibrated more for the track while the suspension on the Type S is more geared for the fast winding in Japan. Therefore the suspension rates on the Type S are a little softer compared to those on the CR. The second difference between the two cars is that the CR has a removable aluminum hardtop and the Type S does not.

The S2000 Type S and S2000 CR both have the same high-revving 2.2L 237 hp four cylinder engine.

s2k_type_s.jpg s2k_type_s_2.jpg s2k_type_s_3.jpg

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