New Production Chevy Volt Teaser Images Released

GM has released more photos the production version of the upcoming Chevy Volt.

Only two of the photos are of the actual car while the other nine or so are of the engineers and designers hard at work on a clay version of the car. The two photos provide little details about the actual shape and design of the car. All that we can tell from the shots is that the headlights and foglights are going to be pretty high-tech. The headlights have a blue glow effect, while the foglights appear to be LEDs. The second photo is of the rear, but it only shows the placement of the Chevy and Volt emblems.

Bob Boniface, Director of Design for Chevrolet Volt had this to say about the Volt, “We believe the Chevrolet Volt’s exterior design is an attractive balance between aerodynamic performance and styling. If you look closely, you can see the rounded and flushed front fascia, tapered corners and closed grille are aesthetically beautiful and functional, enabling air to move easily around the car.”

The Chevy Volt is expected to go on sale sometime in 2010.

chevy_volt_prod_teaser2.jpg chevy_volt_prod_teaser3.jpg chevy_volt_prod_teaser4.jpg chevy_volt_prod_teaser5.jpg chevy_volt_prod_teaser6.jpg chevy_volt_prod_teaser7.jpg chevy_volt_prod_teaser8.jpg chevy_volt_prod_teaser9.jpg chevy_volt_prod_teaser10.jpg chevy_volt_prod_teaser11.jpg

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