New Entry Level Porsche Sorta Confirmed by VW Chairman

Martin Winterkorn, VW Group chairman gave Autocar the first official confirmation that Porsche is considering a new entry-level model.

“The Porsche model range is firmly based on the 911, Boxster, Cayenne and Cayman, and it will stay that way. We are also investigating opportunities for a smaller sports car and a smaller SUV – but I cannot say more at the moment.”

Winterkorn went on to state that Porsche does not “waste our effort.” So it’s very likely that Porsche will introduce a new smaller sports car and SUV. Some insiders are referring to the new model as the 356. Although it will be smaller than the current Boxster, it will not be a bargain basement model with a cheap price. According to Autocar if it is given the green might it will have a price tag around £33,000.

The 356 is expected to be based on the same platform that Audi is currently developing for the new R4 mid-engined sports car and the VW Bluesport concept. The Audi R4 is expected to be introduced in the summer of 2011, but the Porsche version, which will be significantly different wouldn’t be released until late 2012.

If this is all true, the Boxster and Cayman models are expected to move upmarket to make room for the new smaller sports coupe.

Full Story: Autocar