Last week there were rumors that Dodge was planning on bringing back the Viper in the near future, but following the big FCA presentation there were lots of questions about Dodge’s future, including a new Dodge Viper, but sadly we can report that the Viper isn’t coming back.

new dodge viper

FCA CEO Sergio Marchionne has revealed that a new Dodge Viper is “not in the plan.” Automobile Magazine’s Todd Lassa shared the sad news via Twitter.

The biggest reason that FCA doesn’t have any plans to bring the Dodge Viper back is because it didn’t actually make any money for the brand. Rumors starting circulating last week that a new Dodge Viper would reemerge with a V8 engine that would replace the old V10, but Marchionne says it wouldn’t work with a “cute” Euro-style engine.

new dodge viper

So for now it looks like the Viper is stil dead.

Source: Twitter