Mugen-Tuned Honda CR-Z Adds More Power

Mugen’s European based division and Honda UK are hard at work on a more powerful version of the Honda CR-Z that will be unveiled at the Goodwood Festival of Speed in July. The CR-Z Mugen will get modifications to both the 1.5L engine and the IMA hybrid system. According to Mugen the changes will increase both the available horsepower and torque to deliver “Type r-like performance.” honda_cr-z_mugen_2.jpg

In addition to the modifications under the hood the CR-Z Mugen will get larger brakes, a revised suspension and new alloy wheels. Honda’s UK marketing head Martin Moll stated, “This will be one quick hybrid. It promises to show how hybrid cars can be even more exciting to drive.”

Although the CR-Z Mugen is just a prototype, Honda is reportedly already working on a Type R version of the CR-Z in Japan.

Full Story: Autocar

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