More than Half of Nissan Leaf Hand-Raisers are Former Prius Owners

Last week Nissan’s CEO Carlos Ghosn stated that the 2011 Nissan leaf electric car is sold out since it has already received 13,000 orders for the car, which is its entire allotment for the US in 2011. Now according to Nissan Division Vice President Al Castignetti, more than half of the 130,000 hand-raisers who have expressed interest in the Leaf have been previous Toyota Prius owners.

“That’s a pretty significant signal to us,” Castignetti said. “It tells us that there is a segment of eco-friendly consumers who are interested in going to the next level. They own a hybrid vehicle. But if the next step is available, they want to take it.”

The Leaf is powered by a 107-hp electric motor. When it is fully charged the Leaf has a range of 100 miles. The Leaf starts at $32,780, but after federal tax credits the price can be as low as $25,280.

Full Story: AutoWeek

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