More Photos of the Restyled 2009 Mitsubishi Eclipse Released

Yesterday we had our first view of the restyled 2009 Mitsubishi Eclipse, now Mitsubishi has released even more photos of the new car.

For the 2009 model year the Eclipse gets a restyled front end with an EVO-like grille and a restyled rear end. The GT model now has dual exhaust pipes which bumps the final output up two horsepower to 265.

Expect more details this week from the Chicago Auto Show.

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2009 Mitsubishi Eclipse
2009_mitsubishi_eclipse_2_new.jpg 2009_mitsubishi_eclipse_3_new.jpg 2009_mitsubishi_eclipse_4_new.jpg 2009_mitsubishi_eclipse_5_new.jpg 2009_mitsubishi_eclipse_new.jpg 2009_mitsubishi_eclipse_6_new.jpg 2009_mitsubishi_eclipse_7_new.jpg

2009 Mitsubishi Eclipse Spyder
2009_mitsubishi_eclipse_spyder.jpg 2009_mitsubishi_eclipse_spyder_1.jpg 2009_mitsubishi_eclipse_spyder_2.jpg 2009_mitsubishi_eclipse_spyder_3.jpg 2009_mitsubishi_eclipse_spyder_4.jpg 2009_mitsubishi_eclipse_spyder_5.jpg 2009_mitsubishi_eclipse_spyder_6.jpg