More Details on the Upcoming Dodge Challenger Revealed

Last week Chrysler announced the starting price for the Dodge Challenger, which starts at $40,095. Orders started yesterday and now we have more details on what to expect now and in the near future for Dodge’s new muscle car.

First off the options list for the Dodge Challenger SRT8 is short with only three initial options. $50 gets you summer tires and an extra $890 adds the MyGig infotainment/navigation system. Lastly an additional $950 adds the sunroof to the package.

The initial 2008 Dodge Challengers will all be SRT8 models with five speed automatic transmissions. When the 2009 Challengers hit the streets the SRT8 models will have an optional six-speed manual transmission. The models equipped with the manual transmission also comes with a new Hill Start Assist (HSA) feature. A 3.5L V6 and 5.7L HEMI V8 will also become available.

Sometime in 2009 Dodge is going to release a convertible version and the 3.5L V6 will be upgraded to a new 4.0L Phoenix engine in 2011. The HEMI engine in the SRT8 is also expected to get an upgrade in the future to a 6.4L engine instead of the current 6.1L. This will bump up horsepower to between 450 to 500.

08_challenger_2.jpg 08_challenger_3.jpg 08_challenger_4.jpg 08_challenger_5.jpg 08_challenger_6.jpg

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