Now that Nissan has purchased a major stake in Mitsubishi, the industry is waiting to see what’s in store for Mitsubishi. Over the past decade or so we’ve seen Mitsubishi kill off more models than introduce new models to its lineup, but things might finally start turning around.


Mitsubishi’s new boss Trevor Mann has put some big plans in place to turn the automaker around. Six months after his arrival, Mitsubishi is already making a profit. Before his arrival at the end of 2016, Mitsubishi was bracing for its first operating loss in more than a decade. Mitsubishi now expects to show a full-year profit for the fiscal year that ended March 31.

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In a recent interview with Automotive News, Mann revealed that Mitsubishi is considering adding a new pickup and a sedan to its US lineup. “As we go forward and start to have common platforms, an alliance pickup platform would be quite an appropriate thing for us to do,” he stated.

While a new sedan or truck could help turn Mitsubishi around in the US, no timeframe has been given.

Source: Automotive News